The Veterinarian

Lead vocals by Paul Needles. Musical arrangement and all things good by Rick Barclay. Lyrics by Dean Scott.
The theme behind this song becomes obvious as it goes on. It’s a compilation of so many of the things that are expected of us to do in this profession as a matter-of-course. Add in that these things are expected of us without any compensation and you’ve got yourself a career! Hey, sometimes I’m just waiting for a “thank you”! And waiting. And waiting. I know that practicing vets and their staff will find these scenarios all too familiar. Make sure you stay for the entire end of the song for the punch-line.


It’s 12 o’clock on a Saturday,
An emergency rushes in,
Though we were closing and ready to go home,
We knew we’d be working late again.
He said, “Doc, he’s been vomiting for 3 weeks.
His coughing has now become wet.
He’s been limpin’ along for the last 7 months
And in my hurry I forgot my wallet.”

La la la lala la La la lala la la la

Fix my dog, you’re the veterinarian,
Fix my dog today,
You should do everything that you possibly can,
Whether or not I can pay.

Everyone wants to be a friend of mine,
And get advice for free,
At a party or the store they all want to talk more,
About the vet they see other than me.
They say, “Doc, I just have a quick question!
It won’t take but a minute or two.”
But some time later my panic is greater,
And I’m looking for my escape route.

La la la lala la La la lala la la la

They want great medicine at a discount,
Every day’s a haggle about price,
Everyone wanting charity just makes me seek therapy,
That I’ll probably go to for life.
And society wants me to sterilize,
Everything that can possibly breed,
“And, Doc,” they will boast, “We value you most,
When you will do it for free.”

Fix my cat, you’re the veterinarian,
Fix my cat today,
Ya know if ya really loved animals,
You would be giving it away!

They seem to think I’m a convenience store,
Open 24 hours a day,
They come to my house and then think I’m a louse,
When I tell them I don’t practice that way.
And the rescue groups come a’clamorin’,
They say, “You’d help us out if you were nice.”
Lately I’ve been thinkin’, it’s gonna drive me to drinkin’,
‘Cause my job isn’t my life.

La la la lala la La la lala la la la

Fix everything, you’re the veterinarian,
Fix everything for free,
I don’t care if you do it for anyone else,
I just need you to do it for me!

Can’t you just do it for me………………………………….

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