Reverse Clinic Survey

  • January 29, 2017

I read so much of how we need to get input (through surveys and such) from clients on what they like, don’t like, how to serve them better, etc. (as if they’re so shy to share their opinions).  And then I read the numerous acts of outright bullying through cowardly and inaccurate reviews and other on-line media platforms against my fellow veterinarians.  So, not only do we take abuse, but we are told to ask for it as well.  Granted, there is also praise to be sent our way and that is appreciated.  It’s just the negative ones affect us so strongly and we feel helpless because there is literally no way to defend ourselves without inviting more criticism.  I have often joked that there should be a site where we can review clients along with their names and addresses (call it since that’s basically what they do with us.  It seems only fair and the amount of passive and active neglect we see would probably be astonishing and eye-opening for the majority of people.  Though it would also be nice to acknowledge the few amazing clients that truly take care of their pets and work with us to make them better.  With this in mind, I came up with the Reverse Clinic Survey (because Client Survey or Pet Owner Survey still made it sound like the veterinarian or the clinic were being evaluated).  I used a template from a recommended clinic survey from one of veterinary advice magazines on what we are evaluated on by clients as a basis for this.  Feel free to copy and use it at your discretion.

Thank you for choosing our hospital for your pets’ medical needs.  Since you have filled out our clinic survey, we wanted to provide input to you so that you can provide the best possible experience for us, which in turn will benefit you in receiving the service you deserve.  We feel that the care your pet receives is a cooperative endeavor between us and you.  We have checked the appropriate boxes below for your consideration.

You showed up on time for your appointment and filled out the appropriate paperwork correctly and efficiently.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree           Neutral           Agree           Strongly Agree

You were pleasant and enjoyable to deal with.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree

You and your pet responded appropriately and were accommodating during your wait.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree

You kept your children quiet and under control during your visit.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree
Not applicable

You provided an appropriate carrier, leash, or other restraint device for your pet for your visit.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree

You provided a good history and were clear as to your needs with both the receptionists, technicians, and veterinarian.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree

You asked relevant questions and remained on-topic regarding your pet’s health issues.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree

You did not balk at or hinder the agreed upon diagnostics or treatments.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree

In our opinion we felt the payment we received was worth having you visit.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree

We would recommend you to other veterinarians based on your visit.
 Strongly Disagree           Disagree      Neutral       Agree      Strongly Agree

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