Reasonable Client Sighted!

  • May 19, 2015

The quiet town of Goose Creek, Kentucky (Pop. 272) was disturbed this week by a sighting of the legendary Reasonable Client. This mythic creature rarely shows itself and is notable for its calm and accepting nature. A local veterinary clinic was the location of the sighting and while the staff was excited about the encounter, they wished to maintain their anonymity.

“We just don’t want a lot of gawkers and amateur sleuths tramping around our backyard,” the veterinary receptionist who identified herself as Thelma told reporters before going on to describe the creature. “He walked upright, ya know, like a real person. Stood about 6 foot 4 inches. And he had gentle eyes. You could tell he was a gentle soul by his eyes.”

The owner of the veterinary clinic, Dr. D, seemed still stunned by the encounter. “I never really believed they existed. I mean, I’ve heard the stories, but as the years go on without ever seeing one you start to question. After all, our unofficial clinic motto is We Care For the Pets of the Questionably Sane and Reality-Challenged. But now…… .I’m a believer!”

And while Dr. D may be a believer, the current American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) President, Dr. James Cook is not so sure. “We follow-up on all reported sightings. We have a special team made up of board certified Diplomates of the Cryptozoological Society (DCS) that do field research and maintain an extensive database. The biggest problem is the lack of hard evidence. The stories are anecdotal and conflicting, the occurrences are unpredictable, the trail is usually cold by the time we get our team in, and the so-called “Reasonable Client” always pays in cash.”

But, for this sleepy little veterinary clinic just 20 miles east of Louisville, they’re convinced. “We know what we saw. You can’t convince me it was anything else,” Thelma told us. As in many other sightings, all of the staff agree hearing the oft-reported sound of the Reasonable Client. “It was memorable because it was unlike anything we’d heard before. He said, very clearly, “Yes, Doctor.” I’m still in shock.”


The above picture of the Reasonable Client was taken by local T.W. Mathoon.
It’s authenticity has not been verified by independent sources.  Professor Dillsbury
of the University of Kentucky says, “It just looks like some guy walking in the woods.”


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