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I survived the UCDavis’ School of Veterinary Medicine (graduated seemed like too euphemistic a term for what the experience actually was). I was one of those inmates (students) that thought academia was a type of nut and that a Diplomate was a veterinarian with two spouses. I endured a four-year sentence and was eventually released on my own recognizance in 1993. Having a deeply ingrained masochistic streak I then served (lunches and dinner mainly) five years in the Army Veterinary Corps. After precipitating two nervous breakdowns, a stroke, and two heart attacks in five different commanders (plus a minor international incident probably not even worth mentioning) the Vet Corps felt that I could serve my country better as a civilian. After unrewarding enterprises in fruit bat specialty medicine, the Chia Pet Spay and Neuter Clinic, weekend prairie dog vaccine clinics, and learning what the “Indentured Servitude” clause was in employment contracts, I currently have a private practice in Florida. (It really isn’t all that private; people walk in and out of it all day long!) I am married and we have 2 daughters, 3 dogs, and 1 cat.


At this point, you may be thinking, “So what!? Get to the funny!” Which, coincidentally, is what my family thinks quite often. But, the point to this website is to provide, in my small and misguided way, some humor to this profession. Our books are either as dry as dust or often angle to the sentimental. Our magazines fill us with all the information and blah-blah-blah knowledge that we better internalize or else. And that’s fine if that’s what you need. If you learn anything from this site, my job here will have been a failure. After a particularly trying day, or case, or client, I hope you can come here, peruse the cartoons and find something to chuckle about.


If you are interested, I also have books titled From The Back Row and Vet Med Spread, which are completely nonsensical books about veterinary school which started out as a Top Ten List of Vet School Stresses, when it was discovered that 10 was way too few.


As all of the content on this site is free, but does require time, effort, and finances to continue and maintain, there are a few ways you can help support FunnyVet.com.


1) You can have an original cartoon based of either your own idea, or something that has occurred in your clinic, or something for a friend or relative.  It doesn’t even have to be veterinary related.  You send me the details and relevant material and I will illustrate and ship it to you.  The cost starts at $60 plus shipping and handling.  Depending on complexity it may be more, but this can be discussed and shouldn’t be more than $150 on the top end.  Please send your request to Toonfull@aol.com or through the Contact the Doctor sub-menu with Funnyvet Original in the subject heading.  For more specific information regarding this, please go to the FAQ section and see FAQ #6.


2) If you wish a print with an original signature on card-stock paper of your favorite cartoon from this website, just send your request as above.  The charge is $25 per cartoon plus shipping and handling.  Also makes a great gift!


3) Buy a book!  Click on the book images on the Home page and order as many as you want!  Great gift idea for pre-vet students, current vet students, or for your favorite  recovering veterinarian.


4) Check out our artwork on CafePress.com!  All content is original and all proceeds go to keeping FunnyVet.com solvent.  And, yes, there is a direct correlation between how much money FunnyVet receives and how humorous the content is.  Really.  So buy a mug, a shirt, a mousepad……whatever.  Makes for great gifts too!


5) Tell a friend!  Let everyone you know about this free website.  We have no advertising budget, so I rely on each of you to get the word out.  We’re like PBS – content is available because of viewers like you!  I enjoy the participation and the opportunity to lighten someone’s day.



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